Brought to you by The Marine Conservation Society


The Cool Seas Explorer programme engages students aged 5-11 in key marine conservation issues. Come along to meet Jules, who will outline the exciting sessions that we can offer to primary schools and how our volunteer-lead programme works. Each session is delivered by trained volunteers and links into the school curriculum. Whether you choose the ‘Oceans Alive’ assembly, ‘Beside the Sea’, ‘Aliens of the Deep’ or ‘Turtles in Trouble’, we bring the ocean to your classroom in a fun and engaging way.


WHERE: Workshop space 1 | WHEN: 10:00am-10:50am



Brought to you by Miles Berry


Curiosity about the weather surely belongs on any list of British Values which schools should be seen promoting and, given the threats posed by climate change, an understanding of meteorology is likely to be important for our pupils' futures. Miles explores how we can draw on IT to collect and record weather data and access public sources of historical weather measurements. He demonstrates how simple analysis tools like Excel can be used to look for trends and relationships in the data collected. He concludes with a demonstration of how pupils can produce their own version of a TV weather forecast.


WHERE: TBC | WHEN: 11:10pm-12:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: there is a maximum of 20 spaces available for this workshop. Please request attendance when booking.


Brought to you by The Forestry Commission


We know that forests can provide amazing learning opportunities. All of our forests are different, but many are open and accessible 7 days a week and can provide classrooms without walls for learners of all ages. Find our how England's forests are sustainably managed for timber, wildlife and people, using ready-made half day activity resource backpacks for groups of up to 35; suitable for KS1-2 science and art. Free downloadable lesson plans for English, Maths, Geography, Science and Art, along with seasonal activity sheets are available too. 


WHERE: Workshop space 1 | WHEN: 14:00pm-14:50pm

PLEASE NOTE: there is a maximum of 20 spaces available for this workshop. Please request attendance when booking.



Brought to you by Nature Workshops


Nature Workshops are an award winner of the Cornwall Sustainability Awards, who have been working with schools for nearly 10 years to help their staff and pupils understand the challenges in working to save the planet. The SDGs, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Come along and take part in Jane's workshop to see how you and your school can make the goals curriculum relevant and engaging for children, young people and families!


WHERE: Workshop space 1 | WHEN: 15:10pm-16:00pm


Brought to you by South Devon College


Imagine taking your students deep beneath the sea to swim with great white sharks and blue whales! Imagine coming face to face with lions and gorillas! Imagine all of this without leaving the classroom. For over a year, the Land Based Section at SDC has provided students with inspirational teaching by embracing VR and 360 technology; allowing our educators to immerse groups of students into environments which would otherwise be impossible. YouTube and Facebook are now 360 compatible, making many of the resources easy and free to access. Interested? Come and talk to us at Edfest to find out more and get some ideas!


WHERE: In the school gymnasium | WHEN: All day - Just pop over to see us!


Brought to you by Amy McCarthy


TRAIL has been making art from industrial and domestic waste for 14 years. Our collective of artists have a great range of skills in working with recycled materials and we have been sharing this knowledge with schools and community groups for many years. Our 'It's Our Planet' International Children's Art Project has been recognised by the UN and as a finalist in the 2016 & 2017 Voluntary Arts Awards, TRAIL has become a leader in environmental art. Come along to chat with us about our ideas for engaging children in environmentalism, art and creativity, whether through small scale classroom activities or larger projects.



WHERE: Information marquee | WHEN: All day - just pop over to see us!


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