To work with parents and teachers to educate,

engage and inspire young people to take action,

make a difference, and help save our planet.


Did you know that the UK uses approximately 15 million plastic bottles every day? It is estimated that approximately 70% of all plastic is used for ‘single use’ items such as bottles, food packaging and drinking straws. If we continue on this track, it is estimated that the world’s oceans will contain more plastic weight than fish by 2050. Despite increased efforts in recycling, this addiction is having a devastating impact on biodiversity. Pollution is furthermore one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people.


What are we doing about it? The UK has signed up to The Paris Climate Agreement and The Lisbon Treaty. These are worldwide commitments dreamt up by politicians and will take years to make an impact. However, we think that the need to act is now. Focusing on a bottom-up-approach, EdFest believes that the way to help the world become a less polluted and better place for our children in the future, is through all of us taking responsibility for a cleaner and healthier climate. 


Look out for our annual events packed with interesting content, stimulating workshops and interactive zones for both adults and children, where we aim to educate, engage and inspire all attendees in the important areas of our environment, conservation and sustainability. We also offer an exciting 'plastic pollution' workshop, which will inspire your pupils in the very ways they can get involved, make a difference and help your school to become plastic free!


Remember that just one small change today can help to protect the future of our planet for generations to come.


We hope to meet you soon!


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